Get Alarmed New Hampshire

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Did you know?

  • In New Hampshire, emergency personnel responded to nearly 1,000 carbon monoxide calls and over 1,500 fire incidents in single-family and two-family homes between 2016-2017?
  • If a fire starts in your home, you may have just two minutes to escape? 
  • Fire doubles in size every minute? 
  • Children and older citizens are most vulnerable to the effects of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide?  

Through a federal grant, Littleton is now able to offer state-of-the-art alarms, installation, AND education for FREE, which would cost over $400 for a typical home.

Who is Eligible?

  • Owner-occupied homes where children under 6 and/or adults 60 or older reside.

Make sure you and your family are alerted as soon as a Fire or Carbon Monoxide is detected!  You can get on the list by calling Lt. Ray Bowler at 603-444-2137.       

230 West Main Street Littleton, New Hampshire   603-444-2137   603-444-2218 
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